The list below includes the required maneuvers for the ISI Tests Requirements Freestyle 1-10. Please check the current edition of ISI Handbook for the updates.

Freestyle 1

  • Forward Inside Pivot
  • Two-Foot Spin
  • Forward Arabesque
  • Backward Edges – Backward Outside Edges and Backward Inside Edges
  • One-Half Flip
  • Waltz Jump

Freestyle 2

  • Ballet Jump
  • Jump Sequence: Waltz jump / Tap-toe jump / 3-turn or Mohawk turn / One-Half Flip jump
  • One-Half Lutz
  • One-Foot Spin
  • Two Forward Arabesques (On either foot – and on either outside or inside edge)
  • Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 3

  • Backward Outside or Backward Inside Pivot
  • Salchow Jump
  • Change Foot Spin
  • Backward Arabesque
  • Toe Loop Jump or Toe Walley Jump (Choice of One)
  • Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 4

  • Flip Jump
  • Loop Jump
  • Sit Spin
  • One-Half Loop Jump
  • Two Backward Arabesques (One each on the Right and Left foot)
  • Backward Outside and Backward Inside Three Turns / Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 5

  • Lutz Jump
  • Axel Jump
  • Camel Spin
  • Camel-Sit-Upright Spin
  • Fast Back Scratch Spin
  • Left Forward Outside Closed Swing Choctaw, Left Forward Inside Open Choctaw, Left Forward Outside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Bracket, Right Forward Inside Twizzle, Right Back Outside Twizzle / Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 6

  • Split Jump
  • Split Falling Leaf Jump
  • Jump Sequence – Axel / One-Half Loop / Flip Jump
  • Double Salchow Jump
  • Cross Foot, Layback, or Sit
  • Change Sit Spin (choice of one) Spin Combination with change of foot and position
  • Right Forward Outside Rocker, Left Backward Inside Counter, Right Back Inside Loop, Back Inside Loop / Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 7

  • Double Toe Loop or Double Toe Walley Jump
  • Two Walley jumps in a Row
  • Combination Spin with Change of Foot and Position Flying Camel Spin
  • Jump Sequence – One-Foot Axel/ One-Quarter Flip/ Axel
  • Jump in Opposite Direction (Choice of one – Flip / Loop / Lutz)
  • Right Forward Inside Counter; Left Forward Inside Counter; Left Back Inside Rocker, Right Back Outside Double Twizzle, Left Forward Inside 1 1/2 Twizzle / Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 8

  • Double Loop Jump
  • Double Flip Jump
  • Split Lutz Jump
  • Flying Sit Spin or Axel Sit Spin (Choice of one)
  • Jump Sequence – One and One-Quarter Flip / One and One-Quarter Flip / Double Salchow
  • Camel-Jump-Camel Spin
  • Left Backward Inside Bracket, Left Forward Outside 1 1/2 Twizzle, Right Forward Outside 1 1/2 Twizzle, Left Forward Outside Loop / Dance Step Sequence

Freestyle 9

  • Opposite Spin
  • Double Lutz Jump
  • Axel / Double Loop Jump Combination
  • Axel in Opposite Direction or Double Axel Jump
  • Jump Combination – Rocker or Counter Jump / Double Toe Assisted Jump / Double Loop
  • Flying Camel into a Jump Sit Spin
  • Dance Step Sequence – Straight Line Pattern

Freestyle 10

  • Double Axel / Double Toe Loop Jump Combination
  • Triple Edge Jump (skater’s choice)
  • Death Drop
  • Four Alternating Axels in a Row or Triple Toe Assist Jump
  • Double Jump to the Right and Double Jump to the Left (not in sequence) or Triple Toe Assisted Jump/ Double Loop Jump Combination
  • Three Arabian Cartwheels or Butterfly Jumps in a Row (Choice of one) Creative Dance Step Sequence